A weird combination?

I went to the sushi stall on Circular Quay on my break. I asked for both a coffee and wonton soup. I craved wonton soup all afternoon and needed a little pick me up from the coffee.


‘Coffee and soup?’ was the response as I placed my order. I hesitated but remained committed. I thought to myself, is it a weird order because they are incompatible in my stomach? Or is it just a weird pairing, like going to a wedding in a clown outfit?

Oh well, it is what I wanted and if I have learned anything in life, it is that humans are capable of doing very weird things whilst being convinced otherwise, especially en masse. Heck, I wish I poured both liquids into the same cup and downed it there and then to really emphasis my point, although admittedly that would be weird, even for me.

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  1. Oh, I remember the sushi shops at Circular Quay ferry terminal…are you in Sydney at the moment? I think it’s your choice when it comes to the food so they shouldn’t really mention it though, after all they will still get paid for it 🙂

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    • I know right?! Anyway, they weren’t rude, just a little shocked xD I am in Sydney, I work just down the quay from here. In fact I’m walking by right now! You will have to visit again 🙂


      • Oh cool! I stayed at the YHA at the Rocks when I was in Sydney so walking around the quay was one of my favourite things to do, especially to people watch…haha…yeah would be nice to visit again someday…😁

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      • Haha the YHA there had an awesome view of the harbour at the top…and an archaeological dig at the bottom…one of the main reasons for me to book it…but having a flat to stay can still be better if you are working there though..😄

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      • It certainly seems a unique hostel. But in Sydney they are almost as expensive as renting a flat! Not far off at all. So for me, staying at least three months is enough to get a flat 🙂


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