Am I in Sydney or in England?!

I took this shot earlier today to rub it to friends over Whatsapp that I’m sitting under a blue sky before work, just as winter is creeping in back in the UK.

It hasn’t stopped raining since this picture was taken. 

Never showboat to your friends that you’re on holiday. It’s cursed.

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  1. Life after Sixty-Five

    And as an Aussie, Xmas in the UK and on the Continent (Xmas markets are amazing!!) still brings warm fuzzy memories! Magical lights, snow, carol singing – beautiful. BBQ’s in the hot sun, flies, sweat – great for some….

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  2. Yeah I’m going to miss European Christmas markets, there’s something special about mulled wine on a freezing cold dark evening which is just magical. Edinburgh has a fantastic one, as does Newcastle (where I am from!). I am looking forward to some sunshine here though!

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    • Life after Sixty-Five

      Oh completely misunderstood. Welcome to Oz, guess you’ll find out what Xmas in the Aussie sun is like very soon 🙂 if it doesn’t rain 😉

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