The Three Sisters. Legend has it they were turned to stone and he that had the power to save them is still trying to do so to this very day. The Three Sisters are three large rock columns that are a very popular sight at the Blue Mountains. I will show you more of this great landscape soon but for now, here is a picture of me looking out to the horizon from this formation.

I don’t look as scared as I felt. I had two beers before heading out there and a lovely Scandinavian girl offered to take my picture as my shaky hands were no good for a selfie. Thank you to the anonymous girl for the photo opportunity!

More photos to follow soon. 

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    1. Thanks, I am! And yeah it is fairly chilly in the shade, I’m pleased I decided to wear jeans today! Are you from here, or have visited in the past?

      1. Yes this morning waking up was very cold! It warmed up a little by the time I got back to Sydney thankfully. I’m uploading more pictures from the trip, I hope you take a look!

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