Some people make the most of even the dullest of days. I was walking towards Circular Quay last month and noticed someone enjoying the cloudy weather more than most, between two AMP Buildings. 

Here is a closer look.

IMG_5337 (4)

It is a shame that it was so cloudy however I am sure it did not prevent this from being a once in a lifetime experience. After a little research, I have learned that this was the AMP Foundation Big Zipperthe first building-to-building charity zipline in Australia that took place between 20th-21st October. There is a pretty incredible/terrifying image from the top of the zipwire that can be viewed by clicking the link.

Opportunities like this remind me that they won’t be around forever, and neither will I. Fear is great for keeping us alive, however we need to fight it sometimes if we really want to live.


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