We know it has been better for humans to hunt in packs. Thankfully those days are behind us and going solo is not as life threatening as it has been historically. That said, our desire to fit in persists and I was reminded of this whilst watching a pretty impressive act on Circular Quay. We see huge lines of people waiting outside a store eagerly awaiting the doors to open for that new pair of trainers. We see trends and normality as comfort, and with comfort brings a very average status. The status of being ‘normal’.


Normal is great. It makes life easy. You fit in, you buy what you’re expected to and go about life in the ways of everyone else. The outline to life is laid out for us, we just need to colour it in. The problem is by choosing what colours to use, we feel unique. This is despite the template being exactly the same for everyone.

I was walking by this act and whilst taking the shot, thought about everyone around him. I am sure he isn’t a millionaire, however the various brands that we are all wearing sure are making a fortune. It wouldn’t surprise me that someone in this crowd paid a hell of a lot of money to wait outside a store at 6am for the new smartphone or trainers, yet so far I have not seen anyone that has gained crowds for this reason. This is not to say people cannot do what they want with their hard earned cash but I do feel that it is very expensive to blend in.

“Don’t follow trends, start trends.”

-Frank Capra

The biggest mistake is to believe that no one looking in our direction is a sign of success. The only profession I can currently think of that is excluded from this is a spy. Another mistake is to see those that put themselves on a pedestal different from the apparent norm as abnormal or weird. For it is those that fight against the strong currents that gain the crowds and the most recognition.

The question is, what side of the crowd do you want to be on?



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  1. Wow this is a really good post. Individuality is a key asset anyone can possess in my opinion. You write about this well. I like your writing I’m going to follow you for more stuff. Maybe you’d return the favor and check out my latest blog post? Thanks! http://bit.ly/5amPost

  2. I highly recommend reading Invisible influence by Jonah Berger, it’s a cool book that applies how much of an individual we want to be versus how much we want to be the norm and fit in!

    1. Cool, thanks! That sounds like a book I would be interested in and I always appreciate recommendations. Thanks for the follow also!

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