Wonderful memories

The thing with travel is, I still carry all the problems that I had back home. All the negative thoughts, all the anxieties, troubles with motivation and confidence, they don’t go away as soon as I step on that plane. They are as present here as they were back home.


The difference for me is seen looking back at previous travel experiences. Again, the problems mentioned were all present. The memory of these however, not so much. Over time our back catalogue of life experiences are condensed into an ever filling memory bank. Like a band that stops releasing new music, only the most memorable songs survive. The album fillers fade away like castles made of sand, not to be confused with Castles Made of Sand by Hendrix, which is a great song.

I want to fill memories with the awesome instead of awful. I have had difficult experiences to deal with and will in the future. We all will. The choice we do have is to give ourselves the option of looking back and shunning out the bad memories with ones we are most proud of. This could be as small as refusing to complain about the traffic and instead belt out that song playing on the radio. It could be forgetting that ex by finding the motivation to visit that dream destination you always wanted to. Travel doesn’t prevent bad things from happening, what it does is remind me that the good times are there if we want them and could be the memories we look back on.

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