It’s simple.

Bridges are great to cross. That is unless we are made to cross them for whatever reason. 

Today was a stressful one at work. Not overly stressful but enough to have me all wound up and frustrated. I’ve had worse days and felt better, being human can be fairly unpredictable like that. 

Sometimes I wonder why I get so wound up by things… and then I remember the obvious. When something is out of our control and in our path, of course it will be a burden. Like a freight train of shit and you are tied to the tracks, of course we won’t take it very well. 

Today it is because of work. A business that I didn’t create working for the profits of people I have never met. I am grateful to be in employment but remembering this helps inspire me to find a way out. I do it now to help fund travel but I know it won’t last. As every year passes I realise there is more urgency to do what I want to do. I want to spend most of my time doing things I love- blogging, traveling, debating, creating, loving, living. This is hard when 40 hours or so is spent not doing the things I love every week. 

Again, I’m employed. I am blessed to a degree and there is no way I will forget that. This doesn’t mean I can’t get a little tired of what I do or want to look for ways out. It simply means I should harness these emotions into productivity and not self-pity. It’s that simple.

Put frustration beneath you to propel yourself to greater heights. Don’t let it get on top of you and allow you to sink in a hole too deep to get out of.

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