I travel to slow down time

This is the view I had when I first arrived in Sydney off the train. I got the train right through Circular Quay and the Harbour Bridge to Wynyard as this was where I was getting the connecting bus to see family. I was dying to walk up to the bridge and after wandering round looking for an ATM I saw it again in the distance. 

This isn’t very far, but with two incredibly heavy bags it seemed 100 miles away. I couldn’t do it in the heat, I stared for a couple of moments and remembered I would have plenty of time to see it in the next few months. In three days of travelling the most exciting steps were the ones I couldn’t do. 

Now, this is my walk to work every day. The streets that I walked aimlessly I can navigate very easily and the excitement I get walking up to the harbour has far from died. I think it will take a very long time- if it happens at all- for me to take this view for granted.

The more you do, the more time slows down. Although a month has almost went by, it seems so long ago that I first looked down that street to the harbour. Travel slows down time for me, with every moment I do something new it’s another moment I will remember for a long time. When reflecting on an evening my mornings seemed so long ago, a feeling I wish I had for so many previous days of my life. 

But as always, it’s important to look at the great things we do in life and not at what could have been improved. Live in the present is so much better than overthinking the past, although the it can be hard. 

Live for today and have the best day possible!

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