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Circular Quay at sunset (with the Badu Gili light show)

There is such a great vibe around the Opera House, it doesn’t get too busy and it isn’t hard to find a nice spot to watch the world go by. 

I was walking by when a member of staff stopped me. ‘You can’t miss the light show! It starts in seven minutes.’

I was told the Opera House light show was short, enough for my (even shorter) attention span. I decided to head up there and make the most of the glorious evening. 

Sydney doesn’t hide from the fact that it produces spectacular night time displays (New Years Eve being the obvious example) so I had confidence. 

It was very low key, but I liked it. If you’re around the area it is worth a watch but nothing to plan ahead for. Badu Gili, meaning Water Light, is displayed every night all year long for seven minutes from 7pm, so you cannot miss out. More information can be seen by clicking the link above. 

It worked perfectly with the back drop, the lights from the high rises and cruise ships blend in wonderfully. My problem, the bar is too inviting afterwards.

The main thing to take from this post is to stick around a little when visiting places of interest. You never know what they have in store to make it that little bit extra special. 

Cheers WP!

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