There really aren’t many better ferry journeys in the world.

Manly is a suburb north of Sydney and can be reached by ferry in just 30 minutes. Yesterday I took the ferry from Manly- great for surfing and if you want a laid back vibe outside of the busy city- to Circular Quay. Here are the photos from this ride. Enjoy!

Coincidentally on the same day, one of the fast ferries crashed into the wharf, injuring some passengers and causing quite a bit of damage to the vessel. More can be read here on the Daily Telegraph.

I guess the message from this post is that if you feel like your days are becoming routine, try another route to work. One that makes the day that little bit more interesting, new views and new people.

Just stay safe!

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    1. It was a great trip, very smooth also, I didn’t know how tough the seas would get but it was very steady. Thankfully mine made it without any problems!

    1. I think some were injured, thankfully not seriously. Thank you for your kind words! I hope to provide more interesting content for you 🙂

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