The unknown heroes 

I took this photo from a distance on Market Street, central Sydney. The busker had a major facial disfigurement, I wanted to post about how I was inspired by his confidence and not just be another passer by taking a photo because he looked ‘strange’.  I also wanted to preserve a little anonymity, not that he wanted that judging by his ability and confidence.

Some may say it was worse to stand further back and out of view, I guess that could be true. I stood there for about a minute just listening to the song he was performing, proving that there is no excuse for not excelling in what we want to do in life. That doesn’t mean we have to be successful but merely to keep going and doing what we want whilst we have the chance on this flying chunk of rock.

Bad weather is a bad excuse. So is ‘not feeling myself’. I guess any excuse is a bad one if I have the strength to do it, even if it takes that little bit extra effort. It shows how much we really want something if doing it takes up all of our strength, whether it be mental or physical. 

I was always self conscious growing up of how I looked. This guy shows that this frame of mind shouldn’t stop me and can be toppled.

Keep strumming!

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    • Yeah the pavements are pretty wide, it doesn’t feel too crowded in the city. I’m finding my way around the city on my own pretty well, however my family are showing me around he surrounding areas.


      • I don’t feel it is as frequent/efficient as I’m used to in the UK, however it is good. They also use Opal cards here, similar to the Oyster card in London and I’m sure Canada has an equivalent in the big cities. The Opal card works for bus, rail and ferry transport, in fact in about to get the ferry to work shortly.


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