I hadn’t heard of Darling Harbour until I was taken there. What great views of the skyline!

I went with family for lunch and a look around the museum, which involved boarding two Royal Navy ships, one submarine and a replica of the HMS Endeavour. The Endeavour was particularly fascinating when walking (sometimes crawling) around, it gave a real insight as to the living conditions of the day.

The staff were very informative and friendly, one lady told me her husband was from Newcastle after recognising my accent.

What a great day to be at sea.

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  1. Isn’t that odd….my grandmother was born & raised in Darlington, England.

    Terrific photos! I love exploring museums, water scenics, & ships! That must have been a great time for you to enjoy such a tour.

    The air looks very clear too.

    1. Yeah it is a small world indeed! And I find that is the case every time I travel. Thanks for the kind words, the weather has been kind to me so far.

      1. I think there is a beauty in that. As much as I enjoy taking photos, I feel it’s great to be able to just go and enjoy yourself without the 21st century pressures of having to take photos everywhere. I’m glad you had a beautiful holiday!

      2. Yes, yes Sam and it is awesome to see all these wonderful places and yes so agree with this 21st century sometimes it becomes boring to keep on taking pictures instead so nice to enjoy the beauty.

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