I wish the UK had this much sunshine. A blue sky and warm sun beaming down makes everything look better. Saying that, I doubt this view could look bad whatever the weather.

It is such an impressive bridge, this photo really doesn’t do it justice compared to being on the Quay and gazing out at the ocean. Just right of this image is the Opera House, another stunning building.

And just as I wonder how this view could get any better, a cruise docks. For the passengers, I doubt they will see many ports more stunning than this one. The ship gives the harbour a further burst of life, new passengers stepping foot on Australia for the first time and passers by get some great photo opportunities.

This one, the Golden Princess.

A cruise is definitely on my bucket list. Is it on yours?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is not, as magnificent as I’m sure it is. I’m getting sweaty palms just watching them, height just aren’t my thing. If you have done it and maybe blogged about it, I’ll happily look at the images!

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  1. Agreed….I pass on the height thing.

    I love harbours, & beautiful cruise ships. Did 2 Alaskan cruises….the best way to travel for people who hate traveling. No highways, traffic, or angry drivers. I get carsick, but oddly enough, did not get seasick, & that was fine by me!

    I find bridges interesting, & enjoy seeing the different ones. The opera house is a fabulous building. Will you be able to see inside?

    1. I can imagine cruises to be lovely , especially an Alaskan cruise!

      I’ve actually been recommended a bar in the Opera House, I will definitely go and post about it at some point 🙂

      1. Yeah, Alaska is rather different, & very interesting. The waters & scenics are top notch.

        Yes, I’d really like to see something inside the opera house, as I’ve seen many pics of the outside, beautiful as it is.

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