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  1. have fun. would love to ride in one of those. I enjoyed watching them land and take off when I worked at Heathrow for a number of years.

    1. I bet! I would love to work in an airport. Did you enjoy it? I watched a few vids online of them taking off and landing when I found I would be going on one, they look amazing, particularly at these moments! It was very fun and Singapore Airlines are great too. Post coming soon!

      1. I worked on an it project. The building was close to the runway. I got to learn the different sounds the aircraft make on take off. I was sad to leave.

      2. I bet! I bet there are so many things- such as the varying sounds- that could be learned that would often be missed by an untrained ear. It sounds like a fun experience!

    1. I have a long layover of 17 hours, but for layovers of 6 hours or more a city sights tour can be arranged in the airport. That’s what I’m going to do, so the majority of the time will be spent in the airport, with a 2 hour tour at 7.30 local time. Then, Sydney!

      1. Next time if you have the chance, do it! I will have the tour as my next post. At least you had plenty of views in the airport 🙂

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