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    1. I’m glad you do! However I’m currently stuck in traffic leaving Heathrow Airport, to the hotel to stay overnight in before heading back to the airport first thing tomorrow morning 😩

      1. No thankfully I don’t fly until tomorrow morning, I made sure I booked a hotel room tonight to be nice and close beforehand!

      2. Thank you so much, it’s made my day hearing that 🙂 I wasn’t very clear in my last message though so sorry for that, I got the underground to the airport from Kings Cross as I felt it was the fastest way to get to my airport hotel, once I got to Heathrow it didn’t take too long to find the right bus directly to the hotel. It’s just traffic here, we waited at one set of traffic lights for 15 minutes, despite it changing to green about three times! I’m going to get up extra early in the morning and take the jams into account…

      3. ^^^ plus last time i drove to heathrow it got so confusing and we ended up very nearly missing check in haha but if you’re catching a bus you should be sweet!!!

      4. Yeah I wouldn’t trust myself driving here. The bus to the airport was much smoother this morning. I still need a beer with my breakfast though!

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