This is my favourite bar in Newcastle, at least visually. 

If someone hasn’t been to Newcastle I will probably take them to the Botanist. The staff are great and the venue is probably one of the nicest I have seen anywhere. It has a very magical feel.

This is where I took this picture posted yesterday, any bar/restaurant with an interior that can distract you from the fantastic views outside is going to do well. I will certainly miss this place.

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      1. I’m from a small country in Europe, Macedonia. I feel like we’re generally missing out on special lovely bars and restaurants, but if there is someplace, I have yet to discover it. I can’t wait.

      2. I’ve always liked Macedonia’s flag, bright and rather optimistic with the sun dominating it although I don’t know the meaning behind that. I have never been before and I didn’t know that either, Newcastle is known for its nightlife (which is a good and bad thing) so we have quite a few bars in the city centre. I do hope you find some great ones and blog when you do!

    1. Yeah it’s lovely. It’s a shame it didn’t come out well in this but the glass dome above is really impressive. It really showed the blue sky above and is lit up by fairy lights on a night time.

      1. Yes, I noticed that & very different from any bar I’ve ever seen.
        We no longer drink so we haven’t been in bars for years, but they used to be all enclosed with no windows at all, let alone a glass ceiling. Things may be different now, but I wouldn’t know.

      2. That sounds more like speakeasy bars that were probably around during the prohibition! I can’t imagine why they would have no windows otherwise, other than to make you lose track of time and spend more :p

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