More images from my recent trip to Edinburgh, this time away from the craziness of the festival.

It was pretty fascinating to see the The Royal Yacht Britannia as it was whilst the Queen sailed on her between 1954 to 1997, from the dining rooms to the public toilets. I also particularly enjoyed seeing how the workers on the lower decks lived on board, they had their own bar in the style of a British pub. I would much prefer to be there than the surgery room I had a glance at.

Oh and brownie points if you can spot the corgi on your way…



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  1. Nice pics. Looks just the same as when I visited it a few years back. Shame that poor Rolls Royce has to be sat there unused.

    1. Thanks. Yeah they really seem to want to keep it looking the same as it always has. And I agree! At least it is in view, I guess.

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