You know you work in hospitality when your chill time is 2.37am and feel it is still too early for bed…

I actually have another post typed about the predictably unpredictable life of a hospitality worker inspired by today, I will wait until sunrise to tidy up a little when I am thinking straight.

Sometimes, I feel like my stories from work are wasted, and I am sure too many go to waste every day throughout the world. I hope yours has been crazy enough to inspire you in some way.

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      1. Born this way, but always caught sh*t for deliberately staying awake, & not being ”normal”. I tried very hard to be ”normal” but a person cannot be forced to go to sleep according to what a clock shows.

      2. Yeah, maybe just say you’re going off London time or something like that… People can be born into the wrong timezone, right? 😉

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