I haven’t been home for 24 hours, work was looooong yesterday. The only time I have had to put a post out there was whilst walking through the city centre and it poured with rain. 

That’s summertime here, you’ve all watched Wimbledon on TV at one point, right?

In the mean time, I am in the waiting room to see if I need any vaccinations for my upcoming travels… And whilst I wait I would love to share with you what I was told to say to Siri last night…

If you have an IPhone, do it. I think it’s the best Siri easter egg to date! 

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  1. Getting on buses this morning, but we’ve been told not to unpack at home & be ready to evac again on 30 minutes notice.
    Fire season begins in August. If that wasn’t kind of contradictory about something so serious, it would be laughable.

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