Claiming to know the minds of others

I really don’t like when people claim to know my mind, or the minds of others for that matter. The same people that claim I cannot comprehend how they feel are often the ones telling me how my mind works. It is pretty crazy to be told how I think by someone with a completely different brain. How can this be reasonable?

‘Those who claim to be atheists are often those who have experienced trauma in life and do not know how to balance the sovereignty of God with the trauma they have experienced. They feel that God has disappointed them, so it is easier to say there is no god than to try to work through the tough questions.’

Beco do Batman- Sao Paulo

It isn’t reasonable, nor will it help gain any respect from the person being told how they think. Imagine if this was the case with tasting food, take this lovely seafood sharing platter I had before work as an example. It was very good and I adore seafood. We went full holiday mode and decided to chill in deck chairs by the river with ice cream, it is a shame that work disrupted such a chilled day but I cannot complain that I made the most out of the early afternoon. Something I aim to do much more when I work late.

Think of how mentally suffocating that is. To try and express yourself and to be wrong. ‘No, you don’t think this. This is how you think. Okay?’ A certain lyric from Killing in the Name comes to mind for these people.

Going back to the quote above, I do in fact agree partially. This isn’t a sign of weakness. There is nothing wrong with agreeing with someone

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