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The destination 

I love knowing where I am heading. An adventure without a plan is always exciting but if I can prepare, at least I know what will benefit me the most. Life is too short to take the wrong path.

You could apply this to a journey you want to take to a destination you love or want to learn more about. Maybe this applies to a metaphorical path. To learn more about yourself or the universe. Either way, I want to view the horizon if I get the chance. 

Some people don’t and this is fine. It is fine until people go out of their way to obscure the view for everyone, either blocking it completely or distorting it to fit their preference. How is that fair, and why should I settle for your apparent view?

Fear of the unknown is understandable. It fuels us to look the other way. If you want to, go ahead. Just don’t make me do the same. There will be times when I will do the same and I will try my damned hardest to not drag you with me. 

Everywhere I look I see people trying to tempt me with their personal ideology. Thankfully I live in a time and place in which free thinking is valued. This isn’t the case for everyone, some having to settle with the worldview of society or face prison time, possibly death. This really happens, sadly many people who are inspirations for this post won’t be able to view it. Despite the progression of science we are constantly fed contradictory stories depending on where we live. I want to reject these stories and go with evidence. Don’t stop people doing so even if you don’t like it.

When I am gone my ingredients will still be here, travelling through the universe toward the unknown horizon. I want to know where that is going whilst I can, without heavy cultural bias. Even if we can’t see the horizon it is there, often obscured by so many false ones.

Featured image: Ezzif, Reddit

Second image: John Towner, Unsplash


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