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‘Life is so unfair! He didn’t deserve this, why him?’

Well it will be with that mentality. When life throws a spanner in the works we always look for a reason. Not from a scientific viewpoint as to why shit went down, no. We ask why we deserved it. Why do we have such a lack of self respect?


If something bad happens to me, I find comfort in the knowledge that it wasn’t a punishment. Obviously an attack by an angry mob would be exempt, I’m talking natural disasters and diseases, miscarriages and motorway accidents. What a pessimistic mindset. To suggest that our suffering may be deserved is ridiculous and should be ridiculed. 

If it turned out that a deity does in fact rule the universe, handing out punishments from afar, who would take pride in having this confirmed?

‘See, I told you God exists and punishes us!’

Does such a person exist, relieved to know that we are pets wearing shock collars wondering why we occasionally get zapped?

Hell yeah they do.


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  1. Those who are willing to submit to remote punishment by an ethereal being, are remarkably pliable. Generally, they are also willing to submit to the rule of anyone convincing enough to be considered divine.

    If anyone declares triumphantly that “God has punished you!” It might be wise to take their remarks as an invitation. If they willfully submit to their god, it is likely, they would willfully submit to you.

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