The quickest way to achieve perfection is to know we aren’t there yet. I am reminded every day via the things that I do and the people I speak to.

I found this piece of art in São Paulo, the picture really stands out to me. A little dark but begging to have meaning attached by passers by.


I see mistakes as free lessons. If someone criticises me or tells me that I have made a mistake, I listen. They didn’t have to go out of their way to help me improve myself, no matter how harsh or offensive. I take the benefits from the situation and move on. This is small on the scale of facing reality. Even the darkest of situations have benefits for growth.

There must be conversation. The worst thing in the world is to not engage with people that we do not agree with at all. Being so offended that we either turn to violence or ignore people before hearing their side is detrimental to any society. I will happily sit down with anyone if they are willing to sit down with me. No matter how much I disagree, if they value conversation I value them a little bit more. None of us are perfect, and I know that I will have my views challenged. Such challenges are welcomed, they helped me to change plenty of my views growing up and if I was to say that I wouldn’t change another in future, I would be an idiot.

The danger isn’t so much a difference of opinion, it is the lack of willingness to listen to a difference of opinion. We aren’t stuck with a mindset that cannot be changed, our beliefs aren’t mental shackles that we are contained within. The belief, like an outfit we see in a store window, could be yours if you wanted it. We all need to change our outfit once in a while.


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