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As another terror attack unfolds in the streets of London I take another 24 hours away from social media. 

I prefer to give my time to WordPress. I feel people that take time to create a blog will provide better content after an event such as last night. Once again, there are exceptions to the rule.


I was hoping to use this image for a better post. An optimistic one flowing with love, happiness, joy. The better aspects of human interaction. 

Sadly I cannot today because the internet is already rife with Love Trumps Hate style statuses after another act of terror. My blog would be another brick in the dense wall of moderate- lefties hugging people so tightly their senses are oblivious to the police sirens and the cries of pain. I would love to be on the left if it wasn’t so reluctant to speak openly about what is happening.

‘What is the world coming to?’

‘We will never know why he did that’

‘The world has gone mad!’

I am a guy living in the west, flicking through news stations to gain any information I can on world affairs. I am not someone witnessing first hand the bombs raining down, hoping that my roof tiles shattering aren’t the last thing I hear. I want to relate to these people despite the distance. I have a desire to know what fuels terrorists, be it religious or political ideology.

Are terrorists killing in the UK because of their interpretation of religious texts? Let’s talk about that. Is it because we invade other nations and radicalise those that have had loved ones killed? Let’s talk about that too. Just because I am a white Englishman does not mean I won’t accept a role our nation has played in fueling any fires. I also know from previous instances that some people are simply born to please a deity and would happily kill themselves for paradise despite a privileged upbringing. An incredibly worrying reality.

What I won’t do is pretend that there isn’t a trend, there is always a trend. 

I find it frustrating to see people look around with apparent confusion, giving the illusion of cluelessness, refraining from looking in the eyes of any blame like playing hide and seek with a child who’s legs are blatantly sticking out beneath the curtains. 

‘Oh so terrible, what is the world coming to? We will never know why people do these kinds of things!’ Not with that attitude. There are plenty of reasons for such attacks, no reason is not one of them. 


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