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The system.

What is your excuse for a lack of motivation? This is aimed at myself as much as it is to anyone.

After getting lost in thought walking around my neighbourhood last night I took to my balcony with a beer and listened to a few Joe Rogan podcasts.

I highly recommend this guy, simply YouTube the Joe Rogan Experience and you could spend forever listening to the weird and wonderful guests he has on his show. My personal favourite is Sam Harris, always a fantastic conversation whether it be religion, artificial intelligence or Trump. Almost hitting one thousand shows, there will certainly be one almost tailored for you.

I was listening to Joe taking about his past, how he couldn’t keep a full time job. He becomes obsessed with certain things such as puzzles and playing pool, working a job he doesn’t like certainly isn’t one of these things. Most of us don’t either, we just don’t do enough to escape the role we find ourselves in to keep us going. Many people don’t flick that internal switch that takes us off road into unpredictability, challenge, stress, change. Into the gutter or into the stratosphere. Joe made it, I am confident almost everyone we look up to took the dirt road. We don’t remember those on the safe road, the one with everyone else on it. That is because there are too many people to remember and if they are all going in the same direction, why be remembered?

Not that we should all strive to be remembered. There is nothing wrong with the safe road, there are just plenty of people that want to find a slip-road off it without looking elsewhere. Spending a life complaining about their life and where it is going. That’s not healthy.


It doesn’t help that we are put on a path at such a young age. We spend an eternity not existing and then before we know it, we are all grouped together on these yellow buses. Taken to large halls occupied with adults and white booklets with our names printed on resting on a flat surface with four legs, five feet away from the next kid. These tests often determine the path we head in and into what field. I would love to see the statistics displaying what percentage of people are currently in the fields they wished to be as children, and how many people have had a change in tastes since then.

Why should I chose at such a young age? I could barely write the name I was given let alone know what I wanted to do. It is a strange, strange world we live in, if it doesn’t seem so that is probably because it is all we have ever known.

If it is all we have ever known, is it any wonder we all go through life doing what is expected of us? Religion, the nine to five, the political beliefs… often all stem from the metaphorical yellow buses we spend our lives in. Each bus is different, and this is why I want to travel, to speak to people in different buses and to see which motherfucker is driving that bus. I bet many of them are taking advantage of our sheep like behavior in the rear view mirror.


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  1. Just what I needed to hear. I’m at a point in my life where I’m engaging in a little reimagining and choosing the dirt road. Thanks for the inspiring post.

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  2. I have never fit in with the sheep, & gave up trying decades ago.

    Both my husband, & myself are loners, & only choose to be around others when we want to.

    I was the stay at home wife who did not believe in having kids to put them in day care for others to raise.

    My husband was lucky enough to have a working life mostly to himself, & accomplished more when he was alone.

    He’s been retired now for years & other than medical issues, & doctors, we see who we want, & when we want.

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    • I love being alone at times, I find company too often can be overwhelming. It is great that you have someone to share that alone time with 🙂


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