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‘You know, just because we’re atheists doesn’t mean you have to be Muslim haters. A vegetarian would do the same, someone with a severe food allergy would do the same as well.’

This comment had something to do with meat. I think someone received meat that they did not want, an inconvenience for sure. As I often do I right click-copy things I hear and give it more thought when I have time to do so. This is one of them.


I find it hard to agree with the comment. I try to relate but it is hard. Is a religious preference really on par with vegetarianism and allergies?

People with allergies take priority over people with religion in a restaurant, no question. If a Muslim was born on the other side of the planet, said person may have no problem eating meat. They would live. If someone with an allergy was born on the other side of the planet, the throat would still say no thank you and self destruct. This is why we have first aiders in restaurants and do not employ some kind of religious crisis helper. It isn’t life or death.

Vegetarians also take priority in my eyes. Not before those with allergies, but over religious people. Vegetarians have a diet with morality in mind. I hate that I am not a vegetarian, truly. I hate that I am not a vegan after watching the turmoil certain animals go through so we can all have eggs on toast. Maybe I will one day, but I am trying to focus on people at this point of my life, discussing our behaviours that hinder progression.

If I believed that religious dietary requirements were purely based on morality or for medical purposes, I would hold them in a much higher regard. Looking around, many practices don’t. Many practices in fact do the exact opposite. As with everything, there are some that I appreciate more than others.

I am quite confident in fact that if we abandon the irrational practices that religion has normalised we could be living in a world in which we take logic and reason seriously. Could such a world speed up the cure for allergies and the need to slay animals for food?

Just another thought.


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    • I’ve noticed in conversations some people feel hated very quickly. Becoming defensive, name calling… I try not to do the same to people, although I have an urge at times, as if they are happy to talk to me, they can’t hate me that much.


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