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Passing clouds

I love English weather.

Someone has to.

I love the endless cloud formations, the varying shades all congregating, a merging melting pot occupying the same space better than humanity can.

Then again, the skies occasionally produce tornadoes. Sometimes like people, nature spirals out of control. I have been told the UK has more tornadoes than anywhere in the world (per square km), they just often form in rural areas and are nowhere near as destructive as those seen in the States.

I did in fact see one off the coast of Majorca around the year 2000. Incredible, something I have always wanted to see unfolding in front of my very eyes. A couple of miles out to sea, it’s a shame smart phones weren’t a thing. We decided to leave our chunky video camera in the hotel as we had no plans other than the pool. To this day my sister and I argue as to who saw it first. It was definitely me.

I also look up and remain thankful that my country does not endure regular natural disasters. I have to, I thank anything and everything that keeps me here for as long as I am. Not that I am thankful that others go through this instead, it hurts every time I have seen the media coverage of a tsunami slamming into a coastline or a quake tearing the ground apart. What I do consider are the religious nations suffering such forces. Is that why they are religious, sometimes prayer is only thing left? Why do I escape these nightmare scenarios in a relatively non-religious nation? Why do dedicated theists live perilously at the bottom of an active volcano or in long lasting droughts?

Nature is a beautiful thing, but it likes to kill us.



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  1. Heh, your sentiments definitely resonate with me. I live in the arctic, and it’d damned beautiful, but when I go outside to take a picture, my hand freezes fast and I get that little reminder that its beauty is not necessarily my friend.

    Beautiful images here!

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    • Thank you! I can imagine, I have been gazing out of my window at the changing scenes, it’s much more comfortable from here. I think I will have to start looking out for your photos, I can imagine they are worth a little frostbite!


  2. I donate a little to disaster relief regularly, as I think that helps more than falling on one’s knees wishing for something different.

    If something happens nearby, I will offer accommodation & meals! Its not that difficult to actually try to do something!

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    • That’s nice of you, as they say one pair of working hands are more effective than a thousand hands in prayer…
      If anything happened like that nearby I would like to think I would do the same, a lot of people offered a place to stay and free taxis after the incident in Manchester, it is nice to hear people doing positive things 🙂


    • Oh yes I remember that, awful. The images are very pretty, I think the UK has its beauty but it cannot compare to the extreme terrains and outstanding beauty of other nations, including Canada.


    • I bet! And ‘top notch’ sounds so British haha, that is something I hear a lot here, it is nice to hear it from someone overseas.

      And yes, I am seeing it too. I try to bite my tongue during such events, I fear they will be more frequent. I’m having a glass of wine and trying to digest the updates without getting too angry. Alcohol probably isn’t the best with this in mind…


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