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There’s a difference between claiming superiority and fighting against the label of ‘inferior’.

I received the above comment last year, anonymously of course. I am not trying to make myself superior, I’m just trying to see humans in a more positive light, leaving behind the desire to submit or beg for some kind of forgiveness.

Rosa Parks was not claiming to be superior when she refused to give up her seat for a white person. Homosexuals aren’t attempting to make heterosexuals inferior as they resist being thrown from rooftops by religious fanatics. It is possible to want to rise from the trenches of societal acceptance and seek equality without claiming to be better than anyone else.

I am sorry for anyone that begs to be inferior, plenty of people do. Some people need a master to get through their lives, I can imagine if we were able to achieve a technologically-simulated Second Coming how many people would get down on their knees in an instant. I can also imagine the delight shown by the button-pusher as they receive instant control over billions.

Rejecting oppression will be cool one day, not today but hopefully soon.




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    • I think so, with severe repercussions for those that disagree. I mean some nations still have the death penalty for leaving religion… If that’s not being on a high horse I don’t know what is…


  1. If he believes he/she is right, why does he/she hide behind anonymity, its funny how other people cannot respect the decisons other make, or seek to always pull progress backwards..but hey, 😀😀…you know you, and you are content..thats all that counts

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  2. If someone makes a claim that is demonstrably false, despite unimpeded availability of quantitative evidence to the contrary, they ought to be advised. If, after that advice, they proceed to reject evidence, it might be arguable that they are inferior. At least, intellectually.

    There is nothing morally unsound about pointing out the failure to adapt to a new environment. If an individual or species is poorly adapted to survival, it isn’t wrong to acknowledge it. An example of poor adaptation would be willful ignorance on the subject one professes to believe as true.

    It really is best not to, as támedFingerZ pointed out, to use anonymity. But it is understandable that they may wish to stay anonymous after raising the question of superiority and inferiority. Typically, those who use base ranking systems to justify their positions fall on the “inferior” side of the spectrum.

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    • On occasions non- religious people also attempt to preserve their anonymity, however I find for safety more than anything. This is also an example of being inferior, the desire to use violence to prove a point or to prevent a point being made. Of course I am sure there are atheists out there that troll and do so anonymously too. Trolls are rife in all communities!


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