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‘If you think we’re walking lumps of meat animated by random sparks of electrochemistry then why would killing people be BAD – or evil? Or anything else for that matter?’

I don’t- and hopefully will never-understand the link between life emerging  without a deity and a desire to cause suffering. There’s as much chance as me finding out I wasn’t the first owner of my current home and deciding to smash my neighbours windows. What thought process would be necessary to lead to such sadism?

I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that this is another lie we are told, as if religion has helped us refrain from inflicting misery. There are billions of believers in a world of countless religions, yet I still find it necessary to lock my door at night. We would be screwed if all religious people were bad, for sure. Even though this is not the case, religious violence is rife and therefore the fear of a decline in religion should be in fact optimism. Many nations with large non- religious  populations demonstrate enviable stats concerning healthcare and quality of life, low crime rates and freedom of speech. Many religious nations are so dangerous people risk their lives to flee, often to less religious nations.

On top of this, what happens if your God is found to be the rebellious child of another one? Falsely stating that he or she is the moral-providing leader, only to be exposed as the child of the actual God that left the room for a brief moment (that moment seeming to be a couple of millenia due to relativity). The new God chuckling to himself as he picks up little Timmy and sees the confusion he has caused to all the theists below on Earth.

What would then happen to your perceived morality? If the father had a completely different set or morals to the son that you worshipped? Would all worshipping change hands completely and immediately with this knowledge? What would then happen if yet another God was found above the two? 

Morality doesn’t have to come from above. Wouldn’t it be easier if we were to just talk and establish it for ourselves? After all we are the ones that have to endure this life, it’s a shame we make it so difficult.


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  1. Morality more than likely should stem from empirical data. Killing and causing suffering is not conducive to a cohesive community unit. Communities are more effective in defense and resource acquisition than individuals. Cooperation, communication, mutual benefit are all good morals that are directly responsible for our success as a species.

    “Morality doesn’t have to come from above. Wouldn’t it be easier if we were to just talk and establish it for ourselves?” Precisely. Exactly. Wonderfully true and brave.

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  2. Since clearly we are organic beings, why would it make a difference whether we were created or evolved? The fact is, we became conscious, whether as an emergent property of our brains or by some yet to be understood, possibly supernatural mechanism. Consciousness is what makes it possible to do evil. That is why, in Genesis, when humans eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (i.e. become conscious), they are no longer in the innocent state that animals exist in. Once you are conscious of your own actions, you bear moral responsibility for them. No God is required.


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