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‘First, let me say that I’m unspeakably grateful to call the one true living God, Creator of everything, my God, my Savior, my Lord.’

‘First, let me express my gratitude for emailing our company. Here at ‘x’ we take great pride in ‘y’ and…’

They both sound exactly the same to me. When I email a company, they often start by thanking me and incorporating their mission statement into this. The same when I call or even speak face to face. It happens a lot. It’s business.


Is religion business? Damn right it is. Religions adopt social media, post gestures of their good will and acts of kindness after a tragedy, ask for money… I don’t see a difference other than with companies offering a product, you get what you ask for with the right money. Sadly, religion doesn’t offer this until a lifetime of contribution has been devoted. Basically, when you are no longer alive enough to keep their ball rolling.

I hear all kinds of motto’s/phrases/slogans when a theist answers a question on behalf of God. Personally, I do not think it is very healthy. I barely enjoyed repeating the customer service scripture when I was paid to do so by a company, why would I be in a hurry to do it when I don’t have to work for free?

We are all slaves to life in one way or another. I think it is important to acknowledge this is the case as best we can, even if we cannot do anything about it. It might help to expose the times we can escape it, with glorious benefits.

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