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I promise to deliver more upbeat posts. My desire to blog came from a passion I needed to get out there in the world. To help inspire readers who may be interested in similar things and to gain inspiration from others.

Atheism and religion aren’t topics that play on my mind every moment of everyday. They are the ones however that I reflect on the most. Often in small doses when something triggers it in conversation or in nature, leading to a snowballing of thoughts and evaluations that I would prefer to preserve and discuss than to fade away and forget.


I took this picture yesterday shortly before a storm. Nothing to do with religion, I just love the view. I feel I give the impression that I am nothing but an atheist, it could be compared to how I view a news reporter. I only ever see them for one thing, the news. It doesn’t cross my mind that they do other things in their spare time, nor would I know what exactly. I don’t live purely to speak out against ideas that I feel limit our freedom and quality of life, sometimes I want to simply enjoy that freedom and use it to have the greatest quality of life. I cannot ignore that a non-religious outlook helped me personally with this.

I will take snaps wherever I go and I will have some great ones in the next few months as I travel to Spain, Singapore and Australia. Some posts will purely be my love of taking photographs and my desire to travel.* Some posts will be in response to the great- and the stupid- things I hear throughout this journey.

As much as I want to blog everyday about the shit that goes on in this illogical and diverse world, I cannot do it everyday. I don’t have many answers anyway, just a perspective.

*Forgive me, professional photographers, for I will sin via poor photography techniques and more that likely, a smartphone camera.


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