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I guess it’s ‘Human Appreciation Day’ in my head today. I’m trying to see the world in a positive light as best as I can before something lets me down. 7 billion people walking around Earth today, those that have been around the longest have only done so for several decades at most. That’s pretty damn freaky to me. We were suddenly born into it. No warning, no preparation, no desire.

Despite this, most people are good. Although most people have a belief system they are confident holds the answers, I really don’t know how confident the belief is to natural doubts and curiosity we gather throughout life. Billions of believers cry at funerals. Cry when their child develops a medical condition that surely must be a part of the greater plan. Why the tears?

Against all the confusion and pain, we get on with it. Getting through life on a rock that I only realised existed 27 years ago when I suddenly adopted a consciousness to acknowledge it. Listening to advice of parents that went through the exact same experience 27 year prior to me. I have to appreciate how stable society has been despite this crazy fact.


I could also argue that we are frighteningly willing to adopt all of the rules we are handed in life. I was told at a very young age to go to this establishment called ‘school’ to learn about the life I will be heading into. Understandable. I was also told to sing songs to my master and if I didn’t, the teachers would take me away from all the other children during the singing/ praise session. That’s pretty fucked up. I find it very important to look at what is expected of us growing up with an open mind. What we agree is beneficial for the species and what can be removed without causing too much disruption. Billions on one side of the world live a life very different to a billion on the other. A billion people cannot be wrong, right? Well, the other billion seem to think so.

I am proud of a species that can accept a life that has an end, even if we use religion to get us through it. To take into consideration our own fate and that of our loved ones at all is surely the bravest thing we can all do, and we do it pretty well.


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    • I think blogging helps me, it helps me to sit and focus on a subject a little more. When I’m typing I feel ideas come to me and inspiration for more posts. But I also think having ADHD and OCD contribute to the levels of thinking I have daily, some say it’s a blessing and a curse 🙂


  1. I’m 70 years old & didn’t start with a computer until 2001. I have read & learned so much in that time, & I think sitting at a keyboard helps amazingly well for gathering thoughts & learning to express them.

    Learning from others around the world is a terrific way to think about things in a different way as well.

    I am not well educated, but the computer has been great, & reading for me is a must!

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    • I started around the same time, I didn’t do the best in school either. And yes, travel for me has helped a lot, it has also helped with my confidence too. It’s amazing that we live in an age in which we can have all the information humanity has gathered and stored for us with just a few clicks. I hope you pass on all of your gained internet wisdom to your husband! :p


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