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‘He has made it quite clear to you that he exists. You are acting like a fool.’


It was only when I uploaded the above image onto this blog post that I realised this wasn’t a photograph at all. It looks more like a painting. Did I take it and change the filter? Did I take a snap of a painting? I have many photos from a similar height and location, I am just unsure of this one. With the bright sunshine pouring onto the main road below and onto the roofs of every building around it, I wanted to associate this with the comment I received recently.


Another that I found from the same day, it seems to be the image quality after upload. It adds something to the image I guess. But I don’t want to drift away from the original claim that I am a fool. Let’s get back to that.

The sun is shining.


I am aware that the sun is shining.


It would seem to be a foolish move to associate this with anything other than nature. Countless religions and civilizations have claimed this to be the work of their God. I am pretty damn sure, given the chance to converse with anyone from any of these belief systems, I would be considered a fool for not coming to the same conclusion as they did. The problem is, which God is making it clear that he exists? Amaterasu? Apollo? Mithras? Ra? Your God makes it as clear as any other of his or her existence. The problem is, he or she does not make it clear at all, or at least as clear as any other.

I will never be satisfied with such a God. If a deity can only prove his or her existence through nature, it is not clear that he or she exists. That is, unless your God looks like a yellow ball in the sky and requires you to wear sun-cream. I can claim that Ra is my God and already I have an argument of equal validity. It is obvious isn’t it? All you need to do is look up, just remember to put your shades on. He speaks to me, he hasn’t spoken to you? Maybe you aren’t listening. Pray harder.

The problem isn’t that I am foolish enough to ignore the signs, it is that the signs are so vague they can be associated with anything. Please do not be foolish enough to see signs when there aren’t any.

A God needs to clarify their own existence if they truly want to prove themselves against the competition. There is a reason why so many deities still exist on our small world, a lack of such clarity.

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  1. Spot on. In addition to a lack of clarity, it is also fear and instinct that keeps people clinging to the notion of a protective and just god. The reason for the fear is obvious: nobody wants to believe that they will some day be non-existent (well, almost nobody — to me, the notion of eternal life is terrifying), even though there is probably a spark of obscured logic in everyone that knows they aren’t eternal. That pesky spark causes anxiety and aggression, so over time, instincts have developed to make theism the de facto human mindset, although most of the time, all this accomplishes is redirecting the anxiety and aggression to religious fanaticism. Just last week, a study came out using these exact facts to explain why atheists tend to be more intelligent than the rest of the population: overall, they have been willing to use their intelligence to override such self-protective instincts. I post a lot of Buddhist inspired stuff to my page but I utilize aspects of that tradition as a psychological system rather than a religion. The reincarnation, the deities, etc., though culturally interesting, are absolutely expendable. Just like we are, and I think that’s a good thing.

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    • Thanks so much for your perspective, I appreciate it. I agree that an eternal afterlife seems much scarier than a finite life, and although I haven’t read the study I have seen it posted on various websites. I do feel that people desire a God more than they actually believe it (with the exception of suicide bombers and the like) however it is a shame that some people want to believe it so much that they offend those that look for a more rational view on life. I hope to hear more of your opinions!

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