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We have a choice, do what we are told to do or face the consequences. The most tragic aspect of all is that we believe this is a choice at all. You can give the bully your pocket money or don’t. If he really cared about your right to choose, his fist wouldn’t be clenched.


Am I really enjoying my right to live a life without religion if I am aware of the supposed repercussions?

‘See, you do have a right to reject God, you are doing it right now.’… I hear echoed without diminishing. That may be the case, but am I content with so many varying beliefs about my fate? How could I? How can I be fooled by this illusion of choice? This is supposed to be free will? I don’t like to be swayed by false liberties.

I am not an idiot, even if my opinionated, rebellious actions seem to contradict this. If I cannot see the end of the road, I know it is there. I reject the judgement awaiting me on the horizon not because I struggle to comprehend that the horizon will one day be in touching distance, but because I think of the day when the horizon is in front of me constantly. What better way to avoid the end of the road than to step off it completely and focus my life on what makes me happy instead of what makes me fearful.



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