Taking the bullet

You are not a superhero. Even the most heroic story about you is one without the ability to fly, see through walls or travel at light speed. There are some perks to this inability. We shouldn’t expect too much from ourselves, there is no point kicking ourselves for the aspects of our lives that we simply cannot change.

A cartoon Batman standing alongside a young Brazilian girl in Beco do Batman.

One trend that confuses me is our desire to speak on behalf of God, a desire so strong that I decided to set up a blog against it. Everyday I hear Gods name, yet it is never from God himself. It is from those of our species that get up each sunrise and decide that their superhero needs help. Think about that for a moment. People dedicate their lives talking about the incredible power that is God, yet feel a great urgency to speak for him. With each word spoken from the lips of a pastor or street preacher, my belief in such incredible power diminishes like Superman around Kryptonite.

Along with this is the desire to be offended on behalf of God. If there was anything that would demonstrate a theists concern that their God isn’t looking over their shoulder, it surely is the rage shown when someone criticizes God. If I knew Spiderman existed and was swinging from building to building, it is his duty to show himself. If someone is really criticizing his absence, I personally have no reason to lose sleep and neither should you. I have no reason to go out of my way to prove he exists. If Spiderman opts for anonymity, that is his choice and the repercussions for this are his problem.

If a superhero craves a following yet does little to satisfy the population (s)he wants to attract, we then have a right to criticise. If you take offense at such criticism, this is a problem you need to address with yourself and not those criticising. Don’t take the bullet for someone that won’t be there to take one for you, no matter how convinced you are that they will be when the time comes.

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