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Fans walking to tonight’s Micky Flannagan stand up at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, UK.

See, I like this. Fans walking in the masses shamelessly to watch their inspiration, their hero, their idol. An idol that admits what he or she is doing, charging for tickets and entertaining in return. It’s how the world works and how the entertainers fuel themselves to tour and make a living like the rest of us.

What I dislike is the idea that lines of people walk towards their venue of religious worship, not to be greeted by their deity, but by another person in their place. Is this as inspirational? I personally don’t think so, and I feel more and more share this feeling. We don’t live in a religious country here, I haven’t seen so many people head towards church. Place all of the city’s church attendance stats together and it would be a more level playing field.

The trend makes sense though. Why attend a show knowing the main star won’t turn up, when there are so many opportunities to see ones that will?


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