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Photos taken at the Isle of Wight Festival, UK and the Municipal Market of São Paulo.

How could fruit be deemed forbidden? Look at how beautiful they are?! I don’t blame Eve, she was told two separate things so went with her gut instinct. She didn’t have a family to teach her the ways of an evil world, that she shouldn’t listen to strangers. So good on her, whatever that fruit may have been.

I hate traps. Traps set up to lure you in and punish you for your instincts. Some are good for catching criminals I guess, but when right and wrong is a little more obscured, such at tricking the first ever human beings, it is a little harsh. I say a little harsh, it is pretty grotesque that we all still suffer to this day. When we endure endless human suffering through the generations on this earth, the result of one person being mislead and doing something with no immoral repercussions… Is God working with North Korea? They have a very similar system.

PS. The fruit here is amazing. Fruit I haven’t even heard of before, let alone tasted. I loved how the stall owners were more than happy to give us a taste of any we wanted to try, very kind. I highly recommend here if you are in the area.


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