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Unknown priveleges

The american lady on the left has been to every Olympic Games since 1984. She told me that she is writing a book that I have to look out for, I have the name of it written down somewhere. I am sure ‘1984’ has already been taken…

Her pet dog seemed surprisingly composed on the subway, accepting the belly rubs and neck tickles from commuters in the packet carriage, travelling from the Maracanã to Rio.


It seems that we pay more for things we enjoy. Pets go free, it’s not like they are there to enjoy and appreciate what we do. I guess it has to do with demand, the more dogs request to attend sport events and concerts, things may change. This dog was completely oblivious to the magnitude of the event, and what it symbolized. He was also unaware of how much we had to pay for a ticket and how lucky he is to attend without spending a penny.

I see life in a similar fashion. I want to acknowledge each moment as best as I can whilst I am still here and try to make sense of this crazy world without the various forces making this difficult. Social influence, men with machine guns, cognitive bias, we face a lot of obstacles telling us what we should believe. Unlike this cute pet, we have the option to enjoy this moment and not be oblivious to the truth if we really want to and I really, really want to know the truth that is out there hiding behind such bias.

Care to join me? There’s a seat, in fact there are plenty…


I would love for my blog to continue growing and to hear your stories. Thank you to my followers for inspiring me to keep posting. By following my blog, belly rubs and neck tickles are coming your way.


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  1. ” —– and I really, really want to know the truth that is out there hiding behind such bias.”

    That is very creditable and I have a high respect for a person who feels like this.

    The less bias and illusion, the better the view to truth.

    Would you like to expand and explain your sentence which I have quoted.


    • Thank you for the kind words. I think we all demonstrate plenty of bias, from our political parties, to religion, to sports teams. We often grow up believing what others do, supporting a certain sports team for example. However when it comes to understanding the universe, bias isn’t very helpful at all and will only distort the worldview for future generations. I would be happy for people to believe what they want if religions weren’t so oppressive.


    • No, I just know that there will be things that I deceive myself about, and I want to know as best as I can when this occurs. I want to view reality without bias.


  2. I have many self-deceptions that I do not know. I tend to think that when a person has a self-deception then he does not know that he has that self-deception. If he knows that he has this self-deception then he does not have that self-deception, then he is merely pretending to have that belief. What I am saying is that self-deception is subconscious. When your self-deception comes to your full consciousness then it automatically dissolves. So I do not think that a person knows his self-deceptions.


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