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If this boat was God…

Many would say it is flawless perfection. More powerful than any of us can imagine. For those that criticise such statements, they are wrong. They don’t understand that the boat is beyond our comprehension, it may seem to be sinking but it is testing our faith, only making our faith in it stronger. We see it from our human perspective, we just need faith to know it is unsinkable. You cannot tell those with faith otherwise, their belief is watertight. Say what you want from a logical perspective, this boat doesn’t need logic, it is in a realm outside of reason. 

Some may try and sail the boat and  drown, this is because the afterlife was awaiting them. If they survive, the were right to believe. Similar to the witch hunts of the past, there is no negative outcome for those choosing to believe in superstition. She sinks and she was a witch deserving it, floats and she must be a witch to survive. Faith is no different, it will just take time to see belief is something we want to see and not necessarily what what we are seeing.


I would love for my blog to continue growing, to keep challenging myself and to hear your stories. Thank you to my followers for inspiring me to keep posting, by following my blog I promise you will put a smile on my face!


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  1. Right on Sam! Interesting post.

    But I hope that you will remember that thinking illogically and dishonestly is common in followers of all religions, ideologies and belief systems. It is not that only followers of religions are like this. All humans, to different degrees, singly and collectively, deceive themselves.

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    • I admit I have a hard time accepting the truth on times, and that I must deceive myself on occasions. But if we move away from the need for religion, we will value facts so much more. Religion teaches us to look away from evidence and I am sure we can benefit greatly by valuing evidence.


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