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Has God placed you on a difficult path?

A friend gave birth to a baby boy recently, shortly after birth he experienced complications requiring surgery. He is finally home, however his frail body still struggles to cope and his life may never be the same.

This friend is one I haven’t spoken to for years. We were pretty close so to label it any less than a friendship would be a shame. Living on the other side of the world doesn’t help but this is where social media gets sometimes overdue brownie points. I am sure surgeons worked tirelessly on the new born, this is where prayer differs today compared with history. Prayer wouldn’t have stood a chance against nature and our constant fight for survival against the odds, I am sure without the knowledge and continued research this baby may not have made it. With increased human advancement we get the increased delusion that prayer is effective.

One of the parents has described the event as God choosing a rougher and harder path for the family, and she is fine with this. I personally, couldn’t think of a more horrific hypothesis as to why this event occurred. To intentionally cause pain and suffering as a method of teaching isn’t wise. We know this is immoral. Can you imagine the fury parents would show if they noticed bruises on the arms and legs of their children on the way back from school? If teachers, despite their best intentions in the long term, taught discipline and the harsh realities of life via a beating, it would make headlines, for all the wrong reasons.


Maybe I was to find a lone person sitting on a park bench. The birds singing, branches swaying gently in the faint breeze. Maybe I was to sit next to them, slash an artery and watch as they frantically ring an ambulance in the unforeseen and undeserving chaos. I mean, I would happily boast afterwards about the reasons for doing so, the victim will never experience something like that again, life may never be that horrifying. It shows that in a time of difficulty, (s)he was able to persevere and display mental strength they may not know they had to begin with. This wouldn’t take away the fact that I was an asshole, it also would have been easier to simply walk on by. The lesson learned in the aftermath of a tragic event is pointless if the event can be deterred. Peace and calm is a pretty beautiful thing.

Another example is of a friend, once again divided by a vast ocean, thanking God for bringing a new boyfriend into her life. The same lady also thanked God for beating her, revealing a different side to him, one she previously did not know about. I can not imagine how devoted to God one must be to forgive physical punishment. God simply cannot lose, what could be said of him that would deem this immoral? If the lady died, which was thankfully far from the case, she would have been sent to be with God. If there wasn’t any domestic abuse in the first place, God was kind and considerate, allowing a beautiful relationship to form. We can’t take this nonsensical approach much longer if we want to truly respect ourselves and progress as a species.

Do not see tragic events as the workings of a deity. If we feel we deserve respect in this world, we can only gain it by rejecting such beliefs and being committed to our own well-being. Thanking God for pain and suffering is not going to get us there.

Photo credit: Nick Scheerbart on Unsplash.


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  1. the end from the beginning is easier to see in a lens of nothing. Your scope clouds by too many things that you SEE instead of the things that you DO NOT see.


  2. Imagine a state of nothingness, absolute nothingness. No physics, no laws, no people, no world, no God. It’s all the same ball of wax.


  3. It’s hard to imagine as existence is all I’ve known, what exactly is the point however? I’m genuinely intrigued, so apologies for not following.


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