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Chasing rainbows

We hear of the fortunes awaiting us at the end of the rainbow. A double rainbow I can only imagine. We never see an attempt to obtain it, we only hear of the glory in doing so. Failure to pursue such fortune is a result of either lies or stupidity. With no motivation to chase what is being gazed at from afar, it seems like an empty promise. Religion is no different.


It is hard for me to believe theists truly believe in an afterlife, an eternal fate based on their performance here on earth. To spend more time stressing over bills and school exams, keeping up with the latest Netflix series and preparing for job interviews that may affect the next few years, it is alarming to consider this takes priority over securing a pass into an afterlife of eternal duration. They are happy to wing the latter- confident that the religion born into will see them through. Take a moment to see why this should be of huge concern. Despite all the precautions taken in life to get that job, achieve that grade and maintain good health, the eternal life after these next few short decades is left to chance.

To be more willing to play Russian Roulette with an actual Revolver than a water pistol is insane, and would be an understatement in comparison. This is however, life. Reading scripture seems to be a part-time activity for most, if studied at all, and a rainbow most refuse to do anything but talk about.

Always remain skeptical of those refusing to practice what they preach.


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