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I don’t always respect nature

Eagle Square, Langkawi, Malaysia.

I have been fighting my instincts fairly regularly recently, I struggle to evade memes triggering feminists and vegans, Christians and Muslims, it seems everyone wants to throw a line out there and its almost certainly going to be a catch. I prefer attempts to offend to be online, it keeps those wanting to throw a spanner in the social works inside the house.

Vegan memes are the ones catching my attention more than any other at this moment. Here is a taster.

vegan meme

It’s comical. I admit, I laughed. However as an atheist I have to consider how vocal these vegans are. I have found the EXACT same memes for atheists…

atheist memes

And why not throw a couple of other militants in there whilst we are at it.

atheist vegan memes

What I have found when going about my business is that I am no more vocal than any religious person. I am less vocal. I choose not to declare my atheism on Facebook or Twitter, I used to until I realised it was a lost cause. People on my social media pages don’t want to hear why I do not believe in their Gods, nor will it have a big impact on their view. They will simply scroll down to the next picture in their feed of sleeping pets or restaurant meals and forget all about my lifelong ponderings of the universe.

WordPress allows me to talk to those that share the same passion and listen to those willing to converse, whether it is against or in favour of my various viewpoints. If it wasn’t for my blog, many people wouldn’t know I was an atheist and 99% of my family and friends don’t know I blog. When I do feed the addiction and click on that Facebook icon I am confronted with many vocal theists. Praising, praying and pleasing God. Strangely enough, when I do state in conversation a lack of belief in a deity I do feel I am outspoken. I am confident it is not because of my constant need to shout from the hills but rather the fact that this may be a shock to the listener. The part where I say I do not believe in God stands out so much more than the cliche ‘so how have you been?’ icebreaker, despite being of equal verbal weight. It is hard not to sound outspoken when everyone thinks the same way in the first place.

So anyway, back to the vegans of the world. I am not one, which annoys me a little. I do try to live by the golden rule. I do not want to suffer in the way my food probably suffered to make it onto the supermarket shelf. I would take vegan criticisms seriously if the people creating such memes wouldn’t scream in terror if they were about to be slaughtered in a similar fashion. They would, it’s common sense to assume so. It’s nature. 

I watched this video a few days back. Not that I am searching vicious bear attacks on helpless animals, however my curiosity got the better of me. If you do not want to watch, a cow gets attacked by a bear showing plenty of aggression.

Warning: Distressing footage is shown.

Many of the comments criticise the driver for honking, an attempt to distract the bear from the inevitable kill. The driver is getting in the way of nature, why should he stop a bear doing what it does best? Point being, don’t get in the way of nature taking it’s course.

This point would be to greater effect if we weren’t so inconsistent. I know for a fact many mocking the driver would change their attitude if it was a pet dog or worse, a person. There would be a drastic increase in those willing to intervene. Let’s move from this predator, switching from a bear to a human. Can you imagine the motivation to intervene if this was a sexual attack, or a kidnapping on another person? Equally as natural in motive, it seems we don’t value nature taking course when it concerns us, or offends us. We pretend to respect nature when in reality we often do our best to stop it in its violent tracks. Nature can be a right fucker, one I do not always respect but always expect.

I personally see myself as a passenger, an observer to nature more than a fan. This doesn’t mean I appreciate it or value it any less, but we shouldn’t deny we attempt to change it as much as we allow it to take a certain course.


I would love for my blog to continue growing. To keep challenging myself and to hear your stories. To develop ideas and to share my experiences with you beautiful bloggers. By following my blog I promise you will put a smile on my face, wherever I am. 



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