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 Designs we left behind

Image taken in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, UK.

They don’t make houses like this anymore, thankfully we can still walk through such villages and imagine for a moment we are in a different era. To appreciate where we are today we need to reflect on the past and as lovely as these homes are, would we prefer to live at the time of this buildings construction?

Probably not, for me at least. The lack of 21st century technology that I am used to sounds wonderful after a crazy day at work, but could I give it up permanently? Give up the instant communication with friends around the world? The ability to contact family at any time almost anywhere? No way.

Imagine if you could only live life in the way life was lived when your own house was built. For some it may not be too bad. For others it would be a great waste of the amazing advancements we make daily. To reject medication because it wasn’t available or conflicted with a belief system. To have a outdated worldview contrary to that outside of the house, unaware that the understanding of nature has changed rapidly with time.

Our society is that house. We marry or are forcibly married to those that live in a similar house. We attend mass worship with others that were brought up with in similar conditions. 

There’s beauty in the building, but where is the beauty in that?


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