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A fine day to be an atheist 

Another day, another moment of self appreciation, which I feel is very important in small doses. I am so happy to walk through my local apartment complex and declare myself non religious and free from overwhelming societal pressure. I’m walking past Jews in full black suits in the midday heat and Muslims head to toe in fabric, probably thin and light however, religion is considerate like that. If I was held captive I would appreciate loose and light chains too. 

I’m pleased I can live my life in a way that is constantly adapting to the world around me. I’ll wear a thin T shirt and shorts when I feel it’s more comfortable to do so, I will grab a beer with friends instead of going to church if it is more fun. 

I wouldn’t offend people for things they cannot change, religious certainly isn’t one of them. And I know fine well that if I enjoy leaving religion behind for a life of increased freedom, others will too. 

I just hope they realise they can whilst the sun is still out.


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