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Religion isn’t a skin colour

Another day and another terror attack, this time a little closer to home in London. It isn’t anymore tragic, however a little a little more real.

CNN- not their opinion, just their reporting

As the news unfolds online, I read comments from all sides and opinions. Those quick to accuse, those worried their religion will be to blame. It wouldn’t be discriminatory to assume who the culprit(s) is/ are any more than it would be a product of our minds great problem solving abilities. We are used to increased attacks in Western Europe and it isn’t by the IRA anymore. Surely even the most liberal of liberals will have a mindset that assumes silently who may have arrived out an attack, even if this assumption doesn’t manifest into a verbal accusation. Assumption is less damaging than accusation.

If this indeed turns out to be an Islamic fundamentalist, a lone wolf, a mentally ill citizen that is easily manipulated by those wanting to impose their rule onto us, so be it. If it isn’t, I’ll accept this post will be invalid. What I want to say is that your religion isn’t a skin colour. It isn’t a gender or sexual orientation. It isn’t a disability. It isn’t something we are born with and have to fight for.   It is a fabricated myth that can be abandoned whilst eating toast in the morning. It is a burden to our lives that we can be untethered from with incredibly liberating results. If I for one moment felt that I had to stand by a religion that caused me so much hassle and stress, I wouldn’t spend my life fighting for it. I would spend my life fighting to seperate from it.

Your religion is an imaginary title that you have been associated with, this doesn’t mean you have to carry the weight of it on your shoulders. Leave religion behind and create your own amazing legacy without wasting your time justifying your life around it.


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  1. “Religion does not help me. The faith that others give to what is unseen, I give to what one can touch, and look at. My gods dwell in temples made with hands ; and within the circle of actual experience is my creed made perfect and complete : too complete, it may be, for like many or all of those who have placed their heaven in this earth, I have found in it not merely the beauty of heaven, but the horror of hell also. When I think about religion at all, I feel as if I would like to found an order for those who CANNOT believe : the Confraternity of the Faithless one might call it, where on an altar, on which no taper burned, a priest, in whose heart peace had no dwelling, might celebrate with unblessed bread and a chalice empty of wine.”
    Oscar Wilde

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