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Happy IWD 2017!


A very happy International Women’s Day to all the females out there wanting to leave oppression behind. Some females will most definitely be free celebrate this more than others, some will celebrate by adhering to strict religious practices that millions of women are forced to endure around the world. This will always baffle me and it seems, to me at least, a huge obstacle in the road to true gender equality.



So this quick post isn’t primarily aimed at the empowered women and girls that have successfully acknowledged what is holding them back, it is also to the females that do not know. Muslim women that believe wearing the Hijab is an act of empowerment despite society expecting them to wear it. Christian women praising the same God that cursed them with unbearable pain in child birth because a woman representing the gender let you all down thousands of years ago.


Is the above image a fair representation? One of the most powerful tools for oppression is religion. And boy, is it attractive to women.

We need International Women’s Day, we also need women to cut ties with what is really a hindrance to equality and I hope my readers, of both genders, can agree.


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