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Science is BS

Ah, another day, another dumb comment by an armchair scientist claiming that if science doesn’t know, we shouldn’t listen to science.

This was a comment I found on a video uploaded by a news channel on Facebook today. The video, which I won’t upload (it is pretty irrelevant to this post and will take a very, very long time to find in my feed again), went along the lines of ‘Top 5 body parts evolution left behind!’.

One very knowledgeable Facebooker was very unselfish and took time out of their day to give an opinion. This is that opinion.

I think this bs. Science doesn’t fully understand one subject. There is always much to learn. Each part of you is significant, your body was made to function using these parts. Just Bc science thinks it’s not necessary, doesn’t mean you should believe it. #themoreyouknow

So there we have it! Science doesn’t fully understand one subject, therefore the science used is bull. I will, looking at religious statistics, assume there is a great chance that this person may be religious. And as we know skeptical folks, religion can make us very biased people indeed.

Maybe I am being biased and this person is as skeptical as it gets, only accepting the most convincing of theories held up with overwhelming evidence before accepting something he or she has been told. (Looking back, I am convinced it was a female). But to watch a video and comment without stating what field of expertise that person is, I will assume this person isn’t an expert. Just your everyday gal, browsing YouTube, Facebook and the like claiming things not fitting a personal agenda must be false.

Each part of me is significant, those parts may have originally had a part to play in my overall function. And just because science says it is not necessary, I do not have to agree. I will be drawn to such a claim, when the opposition is this and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my male nipples.

At least then they will serve a purpose.


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