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Life would be boring without pain

Life would be boring without pain, they say. A life without pain wouldn’t have any meaning, it would serve no purpose. No reason to carry on.

Is marriage only beautiful after divorce?

Is laughter only heartwarming around the occasional tear and suffering?

Why does something have to end for it to have been beautiful? And why do we desire negativity to give positivity any worth?


Courtesy of Bill Williams over at Unsplash

I refuse to think like that.

And I don’t hold a God in high regard that needs such a method to keep us occupied. An intelligent creator would be able to provide a species a life of worth without pain every now and then to remind us of what we used to have. A family member isn’t only worth loving after they are no longer with me. A beautiful building doesn’t attract my attention after it has been demolished.

No-one should be imprisoned to help them value freedom.

No-one should be given bouts of depression to help them value life.

I don’t value a world that is full of pain and loss, just to value love and joy.

Am I grateful in this life? Of course. Should I expect God’s punishment just to value his praise? No.

There is a beauty in that.


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  1. Agreed. I do think that having an incredibly easy life does make it hard to appreciate how good one has it, and that can lead to a circle of feeling unfulfilled after a while. But there are lots of ways to appreciate a good life without experiencing pain and trauma.

    A lot of times, pain and depression make it hard to value the good times at all. I think just the act of reflecting on the good things one has is enough to bring that gratefulness back. Humans don’t require pain to experience insight.

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    • I agree that reflection is important. I guess my point is that it wouldn’t be hard for a creator to create a being that is programmed in such a way that having a good life wouldn’t lead to a feeling that is is unfulfilled. To have to endure suffering to value the good life once again. I feel we agree on this however, which I am pleased about 🙂

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