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You sure about that?

Stop right there! For the majority of theists, this would be a wee fib. Church and parents are a huge factor, the ‘experience’ of something bigger is then attached to the religion a person had been exposed to. It is almost always after huge influence by the culture engulfing the individual. This is why everyone nearby believes in the same God and those far, far away, don’t! ‘His goodness’, which sounds so, so wrong in my sinful head, can be perceived as Thor or Mohammad in equal measure. The ‘experience’ is so vague and intangible that it could be attached to anything. 

I’m very convinced that most theists believe in God do so because of church and parents. I wouldn’t make such a confident claim if I wasn’t previously a theist. The obviousness of societal influence is just too great to ignore, although it is by billions.


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