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This sight gets me pumped up more than coffee.

The sunshine flooding in. It is also great to not rush to find a pair of socks on the second I get out of bed. It’s February… And I’m warm?!

I know I said yesterday that I love the harsh winter weather, I love all seasons. I would hate to have only one permanently. I love sunshine for a different reason. The rain wakes me up. It revitalises me, I feel all the senses come alive. The sunshine usually puts me to sleep or into a much less productive mode. I love it for chilling me out, it’s peaceful and relaxing. The fact that I am wearing shorts and no socks reminds me of holidays throughout the years, which are always good memories. The emerging of sunshine, the day’s gradually getting longer, is always an exciting period. It’s like the opening scenes of a movie, one that you know will last 365 days. If you know that this movie will contain some great scenes, whether it’s a summer festival, a new country to be explored or a new language, good on you. If not, make this the case!


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